John Persons Porn – Interracial gangbang

Another fresh week and time for a new and hot John Persons scene to be showed off to you guys. Well for this one we wanted to do something special for you guys for following us for so long, and so we came up with this amazing and new update with this cute and amazing 3D babe that gets to have fun with hard and big black cocks as all the babes here do. She is quite the sexy and hot dame with a superb bust and some killer curves and these guys are sure lucky to get to have some fun with this babe for the afternoon. Let’s get to see her in action as she gets to try her best to take care of these guys and their massive cocks for the afternoon shall we? This is one of those JohnPersons updates that you just need to see today too.


First off, the babe has to deal with just two of them. And they did quick work of their clothes to show off their muscled bodies. Well the babe sure liked what she saw and she liked their massive cocks even more. Let’s get to see her starting to play with them and you just have to see her use her slutty little hands to get them hard and ready for her holes. Well the guys soon receive some more help and this threesome to be turned in to a full blown gangbang. It’s not that the babe was upset about it anyway as she was very happy to get big cocks fucking her. Take your time to see this babe fucked in turns by the guys all afternoon long and enjoy this marvelous show today. And do check out the past scenes as well for some more amazing and hot galleries too!


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Another gangbang on the plantation

Hey there once more guys and gals, and welcome back to some fresh and hot John Persons scenes as usual. This week we continue the adventures of miss Betty and Sam, the two noble women that are tired of small white cocks and that changed them for some big black tools. Well today they were having their fun with the black stud again for the afternoon and once more the guy’s buddies dropped by. OF course, the cuties were very much eager and ready to get to play with their work tools and it all ended up with some good sexual fun for the afternoon. Let’s take the time to sit back and watch the blonde sluts as they take all the cocks that are offered to them today and see them pleasing them as best they can as well. We can guarantee that you will love this scene!

Just as the babes got done with receiving a nice and hard dicking from the dude and their pussies were dripping loads of jizz, the help arrives. And as we said, it comes in the form of another group of no less than 5 black studs ready to fuck them. Sam needed to take some time to let her pussy rest after a hard dicking and so, she got to work on the cocks orally. But miss Betty was all ready to receive some hard cocks in her pussy. So take your time to see Betty and Sam as they get their pussies fucked hard style by the guys today and see them take jizz shots in their cunts all afternoon long today. We have to take our leave now, but we will be back next week with many more scenes as you know by now. So we’ll see you guys then with new galleries!


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The naughty cheerleaders

John Persons is back in action for this week and we bring you some more amazing and hot scenes for the afternoon today as well. We continue Kitty’s and Jenny’s sexual adventures for this week and as you know it’s quite amazing to see as always. Let’s get to see our two amazing and hot blondes in action as they get around to get to have some sexy fun with big black cocks once more and you can rest assured that you will be in for some superb scenes as always. Well for this scene, Kitty promised one of the players to have some sexual fun with him if they’d win the game, and as you can see, they did it. And miss Kitty would have to hold up her claim too. Anyway, let’s get this show started and see our cute blonde in action as she gets her hard style dicking today!

The scene starts with the guys celebrating their victory and the babe coming to the realization that she’d have to take that big man meat tonight. Well she asks for the keys to the locker room and goes there to wait for the dude. As soon as he comes in, he’s happy to see that she was going to hold up her end of the bargain and first thing that he does, is ask her to reveal her majestically big and round tits too. After that, the blonde takes her time to work his fine cock with her expert mouth and you can see her loving it too. Take the time to see the slutty blonde take it in the ass and pussy too and by the end you get to see her cute ass covered with jizz as well. Have fun with this JohnPersons scene and see you next week!

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john-persons-locker-room-sex john-persons-locker-room-blowjob

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John Persons New Plantation comics scene

If you have been around here for a while, you will remember the two beauties in a past John Persons update that we had here. Click here and watch them in some more action as they get a good and hard dicking from this guy too. Well, our two babes are back for more this afternoon and they weren’t going to go easy on this guy today either. Their sweet and eager pussies were in desperate need of some pleasing and they made sure that they got their cunt pounding from him today. It’s always amazing to see them working on big black shafts and you know miss Betty and her friend always like to play naughty. So let’s get this show going without further due to see them at play for this afternoon some more shall we guys and gals? It’s one scene that you just need to see today as well.


The name of miss Betty’s friend is Samantha, or Sam for short. And Sam along with Betty are planning to drain this guy’s cock completely today too. Well as they secured the guy to a pole, and examining the black meat that they were going to enjoy they decided to take off their dresses before they ruin them completely. Of course, you get to see them do it as you simply cannot miss the scene with them taking off their sexy clothes to show off their amazingly sexy and hot nude bodies today. After that they get to work and you can see Sam and Betty taking turns sucking and deep throating the cock with a passion today as the guy moans in pleasure at the special John Persons treatment that the two beauties are delivering to him today. Like always we hope that you enjoyed the scene and we will see you next week once more with new JohnPersons scenes!

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John Persons – Jenny’s adventures

Well here we are with more new and hot John Persons comics for you once more. You remember the sexy and hot babe Jenny right? well last time you saw her, she got to take care of her boyfriend’s friends while he was away and they barged into her office. And she took great care of them as you know, partly for her man and partly because she just adores black cock. Today you get to see the continuation of the scene and we think that you will love seeing the action go down as well. Let’s get to see her at play once again as she puts her big cock pleasing skills to the test and she lets the guys have her way with her amazing and sexy body too for this afternoon today. Well she it about to have another surprise visitor too, so let’s get to see what all the JohnPersons action was about today shall we?

Like we said, the busty and sexy blonde babe was busy taking care of the two men that dropped by. And as you can see she was really busy sucking on those nice and hard black cocks too. Watch her taking turns to fit them in turns in her mouth and watch her work wonders with her lips and tongue for the guys. As she was getting more and more in the mood to get it in her pussy too her boyfriend drops by as well and he decides to join in on the fun too. And this cutie couldn’t have been more happier with it too. Watch the other two taking her ass and pussy and see them fucking her hard while she gets busy with the third dude’s mighty cock too, sucking and deep throating it as well. We know you like it and more will come soon as well!



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Coach Black and Kitty

Another fresh week and time to see some more new and hot John Persons scenes as usual. If you remember our lusty female MILF teacher from some updates ago, you will know this character too as she strikes a remarkable resemblance to her too. And just in case you need to know who, it’s the busty and sexy blonde teacher that just adores fucking big black cocks too. Well just like that babe, this one is just as slutty and she packs an incredible bust as well. Let’s get to see her in action as she gets to ask the coach for some help with a new routine this afternoon. And as you can already guess, it turns into a nice and hard style fuck scene with both of them enjoying themselves quite a lot today. So let’s get the cameras tolling and see the hard style sexual action go down without delay today shall we?

john-persons-babe-hunting-for-black-cock john-persons-babe-jerking-black-cock

Like we said, she was getting pretty horny and she was in need to find some nice and big black cock soon or she’d go crazy. Well lucky for her, the coach was in his office and all she needed to do was come up with an excuse to barge in and have some JohnPersons fun. Well she came up with one and she went in. Turns out that the excuse was for nothing as the guy was already busy stroking his cock and could use the help. Of course, the babe is a good person and she goes to help him out. Take your time to see the babe working his nice and big hard cock with her juicy and luscious lips and then see her taking it nice and deep in her cunt as she gets it stretched nicely by the meat pole.


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John Persons fan art comics

For this week’s new and hot John Persons update we wanted to do something special and so we came up with this. In this new and hot update you get to see some nice and incredibly hot and sexy fan art that people sent in. And you can rest assured that some of them are as good as John’s stuff too. It’s an all out fuck fest as you get to see fan art pieces of your favorite characters from around here getting wild and nasty some more with big black cocks. And yes, if you were asking yourselves, you do get to see all of them right here and right now. So let’s not delay and just get started to see the JohnPersons action go down with all of these characters getting some hard style banging just for your enjoyment shall we everyone? we know you want to see them at play today too.

There are many amazing and hot images made by the fans, and to see all of them just check the main site. But for now let’s just get around to see two of them in particular today. We think that these two are just perfect to show of to set the mood to let’s get on with it. First and foremost you get to see a sexy and kinky business woman as she gets to suck on some fine black meat and the dude ends up shooting a massive load all over her face and in her mouth too. The second scene that you get to see, has a very cute and sexy blonde taking a hard style dicking on her bed. It just so happens that her fuck session is disturbed by her man getting home earlier than usual. So have fun with the sex scenes and see you soon!


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Lost in the hood scene by John P

Today as usual we have some more new and hot John Persons porn scenes for you to see. As you know, this cute babe was here before on more occasions and she’s back once more this afternoon to have some more sexual fun with big black cocks. Last two times she got back to the little street corner that had the three black studs and she got a nice and hard dicking every time. It seems that she just didn’t have enough and she’s back for some more without delay today. Well you can check out her hot sex scenes in the past as well and rest assured that they are as hot as this one too. Anyway, let’s get back to the update at hand as we know that you are eager to see the babe at play some more this new and fresh afternoon too. So let’s get her show on the road and see her fucking some more today.


As the scene begins, you can see that the babe was already well onto her way to banging her favorite stud. Take your time to see her lifted into the air and held upside down as she gets to sample some more of that fine and big black meat today. You just have to see this amazing little babe with a generous bust as she gets to suck and deep throat that massive cock without delay. Enjoy seeing her sucking it with a passion and while she was working, the dude’s friends drop by as well. Of course, she ends up servicing all of them and you know that she loved it. Just take your time to enjoy seeing her suck some hard cocks this afternoon and do drop by next week for another amazing update and some more slutty women too!


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Dark Lord’s interracial comics

Hey there once more everyone and welcome to some new and fresh John Persons porn scenes as usual. For this new and hot scene you get to see some more new and hot babes getting some massive black cocks all to themselves and it’s quite the treat to see all the action go down. All three of them are some cute and petite babes, but you shouldn’t be fooled by their innocent appearance as the cuties do know their way around black cocks quite well and they are never afraid to take on some nice and hard black cocks either. So let’s watch the action with them today as they are about to get some serious and hard style dickings from the guys here today and we bet that you want to see the action go down as well. Let’s get started and see them get straight to business today.

The trio of babes were home alone when they had some black studs drop by to move stuff. Well the babes were super horny and the guys noticed this too and you can bet that they were happy to help out the cute babes with their massive cocks too. One cutie you get to see having fun in the bedroom with three of them and it’s an amazing sight to see the cutie get her sweet and eager tight holes pounded by three massive black cocks too. The second babe was going at it with another one on the couch in the living room and you get to see her playing around with his massive black cock as she whips it out and starts working it with her expert hands too. And last but not least, you get to see the third babe in some JohnPersons cock sucking action in the office as she goes deep on a massive cock and sucks it nicely too!

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See these hotties sucking and jerking huge black cocks !

John Persons – Velma’s gangbang

Hey there guys, we’re here with some new and hot John Persons scenes to show off to you guys. And the character in this comic strip you will recognize on the spot too. As you can see, it’s none other than the sexy and cute mystery solver Velma and she seems to have found herself in the company of three black studs and their big black cocks too. This is one hot and superb fan art style of comic and we’re sure you’ll love seeing the sexy babe getting her body pleased by the guys today. Anyway, let’s get this started and see the busty and sexy cutie getting some hard cocks all to herself for the afternoon without delay. Like we said, you can bet that you will see her in some hard style action for this nice JohnPersons update as the guys take their time to take care of her nicely if you know what we mean.


The scene starts off with the babe getting her shirt lifted up to reveal that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her big round tits were in full view soon after too. One of the other guys slides her panties aside and starts to play with her pussy, rubbing it and fingering her too. And with that she starts to moan in pleasure as the guy works her cunt with his expert tongue as well eating her out for this scene today. Watch her as she then gets around to see all the guys’ cocks as well and she doesn’t think twice before engaging in a true cock sucking feast as she sucks and slurps on their mighty cocks too. Have fun with Velma and her sexy scene today and see you next week with some new updates!

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