John Persons Comics Jenny’s Adventures

Well here we are with more new and hot John Persons comics for you once more. You remember the sexy and hot babe Jenny right? well last time you saw her, she got to take care of her boyfriend’s friends while he was away and they barged into her office. And she took great care of them as you know, partly for her man and partly because she just adores black cock. Today you get to see the continuation of the scene and we think that you will love seeing the action go down as well. Let’s get to see her at play once again as she puts her big cock pleasing skills to the test and she lets the guys have her way with her amazing and sexy body too for this afternoon today. Well she it about to have another surprise visitor too, so let’s get to see what all the JohnPersons action was about today shall we?

Like we said, the busty and sexy blonde babe was busy taking care of the two men that dropped by. And as you can see she was really busy sucking on those nice and hard black cocks too. Watch her taking turns to fit them in turns in her mouth and watch her work wonders with her lips and tongue for the guys. As she was getting more and more in the mood to get it in her pussy too her boyfriend drops by as well and he decides to join in on the fun too. And this cutie couldn’t have been more happier with it too. Watch the other two taking her ass and pussy and see them fucking her hard while she gets busy with the third dude’s mighty cock too, sucking and deep throating it as well. We know you like it and more will come soon as well!

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