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Naughty Cheerleader

John Persons is here with another gallery. This time we have another slutty cheerleader ready to spread her legs wide open for a rough stretching. She started sucking it and just couldn’t stop until she was all covered with creamy loads of cum. Then she bent over and let the bull cock stretch her eager wet pussy. Enjoy as always and let’s get this show on the road to see the babe in action with this big black meat pole. This babe is named Kitty in case you are the first time here, and this is a continuation of her last issue having fun with black cocks after the big  game.john-persons-sucking-cock

Just like then, she decided to reward her ebony boyfriend with some nice after match sex, and he was very much eager to collect his reward. Take your time to see her starting off with some nice sucking and deep throating that cock as deep as she can. Naturally she can’t take all of it, but she still tried, making her man very very happy. He then went ahead had fucked her big round tits as well and blew a load all over them too. And to end it, she got herself quite a hard style cunt pounding as well as you will see. Enjoy the update and see you guys soon!

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With a ripped stud like this one you need a horny slut to please his needs. John Persons wanted to surprise you so in this episode he brought you a talented sluts ready to share her sucking skills. The black stud started licking her wet tight pussy, while she took his cock in her filthy mouth and started cleaning it. Enjoy it as you get to see the second issue of the comic with the sexy white slut getting fucked in an alley by some big cocked black studs. It seems that she was in need of some more of their services and she was ready to enjoy more of their huge black cocks today.

Well naturally that these guys have more in store for her, and are always happy to get to help a cute babe in need. Watch her getting lifted upside down in the air, as the guy is about to feast on that sweet and eager pussy. As he was working her cunt, she wanted to reward him too, so she pulls down his pants to reveal that monster cock, and she gets to work on it too, sucking it and deep throating it to please him as well. After she gets an orgasm from the oral, she gets herself a mouthful of jizz too as the guy unloads inside her mouth when he cums.


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Talented Teen

John Persons is here with the latest episode. This poor teen was left alone with her uncle at home and things went a little over board. He started to touch her and afterwards forcing her to blow his thick cock. She didn’t know what to do so she took the monster tool in her tiny hands and after stroking it for a while she shoved it in her filthy mouth. Check her out and see this teen having her first ever black man meat in this fine and hot 3D scene today. You guys wanted to see more so we delivered for this afternoon as you can see. Let’s get this show rolling without due.


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John Persons – White Slut

John Persons brought you another talented slut ready to do her job. When she saw the monster tool she jumped on her knees and took one of the huge black cocks in her filthy mouth and started stroking the other two enormous tools. And she just couldn’t stop until she was all covered with creamy loads of cum. Check her out today if you want to watch another hot 3D scene with an amazing white blonde slut that gets to munch on three huge black cocks for the afternoon. She herself was happy to get to do it as you can see. So let’s get started and watch this slut in action.

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Interracial rough scene

John Persons is here with a fresh new gallery for you guys. This hot blonde was enjoying a nice evening walk when these two black studs took her to their place and started to please her. They guys ripped apart her cloths and started squeezing her impressive knockers and then went lower to her tight pussy. Then they’ve shoved a monster tool in her filthy mouth. Well this babe sure got herself into a pinch walking the alleys at night, but to be fair, she was kind of looking for a nice and hard fuck to begin with. And that was definitely something that these two guys were happy to offer.


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John Persons – Asian Slut

This Asian slut didn’t knew in what she got in to. In this John Persons episode this poor chick got pounded by three black studs. She thought there would be only one guy, but when she entered the room she saw the studs waiting for her with their cocks hard and ready. So she started riding one cock at a time, until one of the guys was tired of waiting and started to stretch her tight butthole. This time you get to see something a little bit different. This time we have a superb and sexy 3D scene for you, and you get to watch this horny brunette babe with silky white skin taking some black cocks.

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Hole Stretching Scene

In this John Persons gallery you’ll see this slutty blonde getting her tight holes stretched to the limits. She bent over and let the black ripped studs fill her eager holes. She got all the attention a chick could ever want, while she got double penetrated by the bull cocks she started sucking a thick black cock. Check it out as today you get to see the continuation of last week’s scene with the busty and hot blonde milf and her sexual ventures. Last time we saw her she was getting both her holes worked by the two law men, and now it seems she got one more dude.


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John Persons – Perv Police Officers

John Persons brought you this naughty cheerleader that need it a rough lesson. She has a delicious body, amazing curves and some impressive knockers. They police officers started to undress her, squeezing her huge juggs, while she begun stroking one of the bull cocks. Check out the entire gallery right now and see how things ended! Well one thing’s for sure today, and that’s that this cute and hot blonde got herself a nice and hard dicking for the day. In this issue you get to see the blonde milf in some more action, and we bet that you will love it as always.

You get to see her taking care of these law men as they need to unwind and relax, and she was more than happy to have them play with her sizzling hot body today. Watch them fondling her huge round breasts along with her eager and wet cunt, and see her moaning in pleasure. Then you can see her as she gets to be double fucked nice and deep by those two huge black cocks right there on her desk too. Have fun with the hard style fuck going down in this sexy comic today and have fun as per usual. And do stay tuned for your next scenes as well!


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Police Station

Just look at what John Persons brought you this time! This smoking hot babe were caught in a strip club doing their job and brought to the police station for identification. Just take a look at those delicious curves, impressive knockers, firm bodies and hot booties all in one room. Don’t miss the opportunity of seeing them showing off their assets. Enjoy this fresh and hot line up of amazing and sexy babes as they get to “display” their bodies more in detail for you this afternoon. Let’s not delay and get this amazing scene on the way to see these ladies in action.


Like we said, all of them were eager to show off, and first off you get to see the sexy and hot petite Asian babe as she takes off her sexy yellow bikini. Then it’s up for the ginger to show off her majestic huge bust and her eager pussy, followed by the babe with the short hair and a slender build. Then it’s the superb and sexy secretary with glasses, and last but not least, you get to watch some babes that you saw here before. namely Kitty and Jenny too, as they also get to show off those sexy and luscious curves in this superb scene today. Enjoy it and see you next week guys!

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