The famous plantation scene

As you know, John Persons is the number one place to go when you want to see some slutty cartoon babes getting some big and hard cocks all to themselves and enjoying some nice and hard pussy pounding sessions every week with some amazing updates. This scene in particular is quite hot and you get to see two amazingly hot and sexy women as they get around to have some sexual fun with this black stud. And as you can see, the two cuties got to tie him up in the barn in order to have their way with him and his nice and big hard man meat as well today. So let’s get to see them in action as they are in for some nice and hard sexual action for this whole afternoon today everyone. Let’s get this show started and see the babes fucking hard style shall we?

The babes in this scene are miss Betty and her friend and both of them were fed up with their men not pleasing them. Well today they got all they wanted with this guy and later from his buddies as well. Watch them take off their dresses and see the babes showing off some amazingly sexy and hot bodies for you and the stud after they undress. See them taking turns to suck and slurp on his cock and see them draining him completely of jizz too. Like we said his buddies dropped by too and you get to see all of them getting their turn with the luscious babes too. And you simply must see the slutty and busty beauty miss Betty, as she gets around to suck on some big black cocks as she gets her ass and pussy fucked hard and deep! Bye bye for now everyone!


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Hardcore office interracial

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back to a all new and fresh John Persons update today. You know this blonde has been here before and we know that you just adore her sexual adventures. Well today she gets to have some more nice and hard sexual experiences with no less than two big black guys as well. She was going to have to deal with them because of her boyfriend, but it’s not like she really minds it either as she just adores nice and hard cocks, especially if they are huge and black too. So let’s get to see her in action some more for today as she gets to put her wet and eager pussy to hard work to please these two studs today shall we? we can guarantee that you will not regret taking the time to enjoy it today, so let’s just get the show on the road.


When the show begins off, you can see that the blonde cutie was busy in her office as she was thinking about her said boyfriend and using a nice and big dildo to stimulate her pussy. Well just as she was about to cum, the two guys barge in on her and she stops. Well now that she was in the company of these two, the babe was happy as she could use their real deal cocks to get off this afternoon. And she knew she was going to have an easy time getting them to fuck her as they were already hard from seeing her nice and big tits bulging in her small and tight top. Enjoy seeing her play with their cocks as they undress her and massage her massive round tits too today. As always have fun and see you next week with more JohnPersons scenes!


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Lost in the hood – Gangbang time

Well this new and fresh week has some more new John Persons porn scenes to show off and we know that you will adore them as always. For this scene you get to see this fresh and new blonde cutie with bright blue eyes as she goes for a walk, but she ends up on the receiving end of a gangbang with two black studs and their mighty big black cocks too. Oh, rest assured that she did this sort of thing before so she was already in the know how for all this. You can check out that past update where she got a good dicking too and rest assured that you will not regret taking the time to do so either! Anyway, let’s come back to the update at hand and see her in action once more as she came back for round two of the dicking.

The cameras roll and you get to see the lovely and sexy woman as she lets the guys start off their little play session as they are fondling her sexy and big natural breasts. They pulled off her pink skirt outfit to do that of course. And as you will see, they have quite a lot of fun playing with those nice and big and round melons of hers too. After that it was her turn to do some work, so she gets presented with their massive black cocks to suck on too. Of course she gets right to it and you can see this babe putting her oral skills to use as well as she wraps her luscious lips around the black man meat today too. Well the guys also take their time to play with her amazing and wet pussy too as they rub her wet cunt as well.

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John Persons – Shower fuck

Hey there everyone and welcome back to a new and fresh John Persons scene with more superb and sexy babes fucking hard style with some big black studs. For today we bring you another adventure from the busty and sexy blonde MILF that just adores to have those nice and big meat poles all to herself every day. And this guy was more than happy to let her have her fun with his massive and hard cock for today too. Let’s get the action going as for today you are about to see this slutty and sexy blonde get into some wild sexual action in the shower room as well. It’s one scene that you just have to see, if you want to enjoy seeing this sexy babe fucking nice and hard for your enjoyment. So let’s not delay and get this show going to see this cutie at play without delay today!


As the scene starts off, you can see the babe all naked in the shower and taking her time to clean herself up while she also gets around to play with her eager pussy and massive round tits as well. Well as it turns out, this cute babe went into the wrong shower area as this is the guy’s shower room. And the black stud with his massive cock hanging out is quick to point out to her. Well, this babe can make it up to him for her slip up and you get to watch her drop to her knees and starting to work the massive cock with her lips as she takes it in her mouth. Soon after that you also get to see her nice cunt pounded deep and hard by the massive cock as well and you can bet that she just adored it. Have fun with this scene and see you guys next week with more!


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The Pit scene – Looking for cocks

Today we come to you with some all new and fresh John Persons pics for you to enjoy. And we have your favorite big busted blonde in her search for big and hard cocks in action as you can see. For this one you get to see her wandering around the halls in her search for hard black cocks and you can rest assured that it doesn’t take her long to find them either. And rest assured that no guy is going to be able to resist her when she gets around to flaunt her amazingly big and round tits too. So let’s cut to the chase and see this luscious babe in action for this scene today as we know that you guys are eager to see her at play as well. So let the cameras roll and let’s get started with her amazing and sexy scene today shall we?


Like we said, it didn’t take long for the babe to find herself a nice and well endowed black stud today. Take your time to see her as she gets to take off her top and see her showing off her big and round tits for him. Not long after that, you get to see her bend over and the guy slides his mighty cock in her tight pussy too. Sit back and watch the guy thoroughly stretch out that wet and eager cunt with his massive cock today and enjoy seeing him make this slutty blonde babe moan loudly in pleasure as he fucks her hard style. We know that you will enjoy and adore this scene and we’ll be waiting for you next week with some more amazing and hot scenes as always! Meanwhile, do enjoy this one and have fun with it everyone. Bye bye and see you next time!



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John Persons Comics

Check out this latest one from free John Persons Comics scene. We have here one hot teacher, with really sexy ass and tight firm boobs. She tries to act all serious and though, but as soon as she heard the words black cock, her interest is coming up. The guys at school know that with the right words they can have her in their beds teaching them all kind all dirty bad things. In this latest  gallery, the bad ass teacher gets her first brutal gang bang, cause she just didn’t know when to shut up. She kept bragging about how good it is to have a large hard cock deep down your throat,licking and sucking hard until her entire face was covered with sticky white cum. The boys thought her a lesson as they took turn violating her mouth, making sure she got to know each and every black cock from her class. Check her out  this porn scene and enjoy some deep cock sucking.

Well a good banging she got for today as you can probably tell. We mean, how could any guy for that matter resist the outfit that she was packing. Those sexy thigh high stockings, that mini skirt and that revealing shirt, would drive anyone crazy. But to be fair, just because she wanted a nice and hard group fuck , that’s why she got herself all dressed up like that today. And of course that midway through this scene you get to see her end up getting gangbanged by multiple black guys with huge cocks that want a piece of that pussy.


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John Persons Plantation

Now this is what i am talking about when i mean a serious fucked gang bang. These two hot chicks wanted some fun, and in this latest John Persons plantation they sire have plenty of that. Some dirty fun, They started out with just one slave, and he was good, but not good enough for these two hungry cunts. They made him fuck them both hard, pushing his really large hard dick as deep as possible into their wet twats, just the way we love it at But then they only got hornier and it was time to  bring in the hard artillery. Five hot horny slaves ready to satisfy  their masters kinky wishes. The fucked the two of them long, making them wish they have never met a black cock. They released orgasm after orgasm and the taste of the black cock was never better. Available inside jab comix. john-persons-sexy-white-bitch-riding-slaves-hard-cock We’re sure that you will just love this nice comic that we bring you. And how could you not? You get to see two very hot and sexy noblewomen as they ride some big black cocks for this afternoon as they have lots of fun with some nice and big black cocks. Watch them ride those meat poles, see the sucking and slurping and deep throating them, and of course see them getting their tight holes fucked by multiple guys at the same time. Enjoy watching these babes getting fucked all over the place and in every way possible and see you guys next time with another amazing comic scene. Bye bye and enjoy!john-persons-blondes-fucking-the-black-slaves-on-plantation

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John Persons – Club Slut

What can be more kinky than to see your hot sexy wife getting ripped apart by one large hard black dude. Check out the entire scene at John Persons and you’ll get to see some serious ass fucking while the hubby is looking and he is amazed. His wife is getting torn apart by one large hard black sausage who pushed his dick deep into her tight ass hole, making her moan, scream and the cum in deep sexual pleasure. All while the poor hubby is standing there looking and getting his hard dick. He got so horny that he fucked his wife as well, making her regret enjoying the black fuck. Check them out.

In this nice and fresh JohnPersons scene you get to see one sexy and hot blonde fucked nice and hard from behind in front of her man. The thing is that they were trying to get into the club and the bouncer told the lady that if she can pass his test she can enter, but not the guy. Well since she never gets satisfied by him anyways she was down to do anything even fuck. And of course the test was just that. Sit back and watch closely as this sexy blonde babe gets her sexy ass penetrated from behind balls deep by the nice and big black cock while her man just watches. And of course she gets to go in and he stays outside by the end as well. See you guys soon!


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What better way to celebrate your sweet 18 than with a first black cock sucking? Check out Amy at free John Persons porn as she enjoys her very  first black cock, licking and then fully sucking it like it was a huge candy on a very hard stick. Enjoy as this cute babe will be getting some free cock for the afternoon and she gets quite the big ones as well. It seems that she shouldn’t have gone for a ride on this side of the street, but hey, the thing is that she actually wanted a nice and rough fuck. And even though she may not pack some seriously voluptuous curves, this cutie is crazy about sex.


As soon as this babe stepped off of her bike, she started to tend to the guys and their nice and big cocks without delay. Watch her using those juicy and luscious lips to suck and slurp on the big meat poles today, and then see her bending over as she still sucks one guy off so that the other can fuck her from behind today. And you can rest assured that the blondie also took a nice and hard double fuck as well as she wanted to feel all of her holes filled by big black cocks today. Enjoy this fresh and sexy fuck scene everyone and do drop by next week like usual for some more!

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JohnPersons cheerleader

Check out this latest one from this hot JohnPersons cheerleader. After one hot practice on the field, this really hot and sexy cheerleader hits the shower, but by mistake she gets into the men’s, and bumps into coach Black. At the sight of his large and hard dick, she can’t hold it back any longer and her nipples get all pointy and she can feel her cunt getting wet and moisture. The coach did not hesitate and fucked her right there on the wet floor, pushing his black sausage as deep as possible, making her huge boobs bounce up and down and her moaning with pleasure. She loved it when he gave her a full face frontal of his creamy cum. Check them out in this John Persons interracial porn scene.

This blonde babe didn’t really check twice before she used the shower since she very much wanted to spend some alone time. And well that was of course because she was fantasizing about this black guy and his cock and she just needed to finger fuck her cute pussy no matter what. Like we said, the guy of her dreams just came in to see her fully naked and of course that he’d fancy a fuck with her as well. Watch as this cute blonde’s fantasy turns to reality as she gets the big black cock all to herself today and see her fucked nice and hard. And she gets covered in his jizz load by the end as well!



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